Facts to Know About Auto Smog Checks

car exhaust systemA smog check refers to the testing of a vehicle’s engine emissions, usually performed at licensed smog checking facilities. Some of the emissions measured during the check include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrocarbons. Smog checks are quite essential as they help with vehicle maintenance. For example, they can be used to detect and resolve a variety of engine problems. Additionally, smog checks help to preserve the environment by ensuring the emissions from cars are kept to a minimum. As you ponder about where to get cheap smog check, here are some facts to know about smog checks.

There Are Three Main Reasons for a Smog Check

One of the reasons to get a smog check is for registration renewal. That is usually done every two years. Some vehicles are exempted from having to go through a smog check for registration renewal, such as hybrids and motorcycles. Change of ownership is the second reason to get a smog check. The responsibility usually lies with the seller of the vehicle and should be done within 90 days of the transaction. The third reason is when you bring a car from out of the state.

You Can Improve Chances of Passing Smog Check

There are a variety of things that you should consider before taking your ride for a smog check to increase the chances of getting the desired outcome. For starters, ensure the Check Engine light is not on and do the necessary repairs if it is. You should also consider changing the oil. Other measures include filling up the coolant and gas tanks, driving a little fast from a few weeks before the check, and getting a pre-inspection, among many other things.

Different Testing Methods Can Be Used for a Smog Check

The smog test methods can vary depending on the city, state, or country it is being done. Some of the standard techniques include two-speed idle (TSI), acceleration simulation mode (ASM), and onboard diagnostics (OBDI). TSI and ASM are usually used on older vehicles, while OBDI is more for modern cars.rusty car engine

Vehicles That Fail the Smog Check Are Not Allowed on Public Roads

In some cases, vehicles do not pass the smog test. For such, they cannot be driven on any public road. When found operating such cars, the owners are ticketed. However, the vehicles can be taken for repairs to improve the quality of emissions and then taken for a re-test. Passing a re-test allows the owners to operate the cars normally. 


Save Your Gasoline with These Simple Tricks

With the price of gasoline continually on the rise, it is necessary that you become smart as a driver on saving fuel. Prices may not be going down soon, and thus, you will need to focus on every available method to save you fuel. Some of these tips are not hard to master, they only require your attention during a purchase at the pump, driving, and maintenance of your car. So, which are these tips? Read on.


car gasolineUse the Right Oil

You are not alone if you can’t tell whether the type of oil is the right one for your vehicle. But the fact remains the using the wrong type of oil overworks your engine thus increasing consumption. If you don’t know which oil best serves you, check with your mechanic. The right oil will not only get your engine working efficiently, but it will also keep your bucks safe for another day.


Right Driving

A few things done well while driving will save you gas. Keep the right distance to prevent instant breaks, reduce the use of the a/c when possible, avoid instant acceleration, steady drives, and cruising, are some nice tips to consider when driving. If done well, you can drive the next mile on saved gasoline.


Keep Checks on Your Car

Nothing saves fuel like a well-kept auto. Check your ride from time to time to ensure that it functions efficiently. Some of the things you need to pay attention to are having the right tire pressure, clean air filters, and scheduled visits to the mechanic. It is also necessary that you have a great understanding of your car so that you can always maintain it in the best shape.


Fuel Cards

Some fuel stations offer clients cards for making fuel purchases at their pumps nationwide. Using these cards will save you cash as the companies offer great discounts on their loyal customers. Why not get one and save at the next pump?


Buy at the Right Time

The time you stop at the pump matters. Buying fuel during early mornings and in the evening has an added advantage. During these hours, gasoline is dense and hasn’t expanded. Such will give you the advantage of having more combustion hours before you get to the next pump.


Use the Right Gas

The right gasoline not only ensures peak performance but also ensures that your engine lasts and that the systems continue operating well. Don’t overburden the systems by letting them process the wrong type of fuel. To keep them functioning with ease, provide them with the right fuel to ease their function and save you unnecessary use of fuel.


Avoid Ethanol

Yes. Gasoline containing ethanol, the E10 and E15, have less energy output compared to pure gasoline. The latter stores more energy. As such, you can travel more miles on gasoline compared to the distance ethanol can help you cover. As you buy, it is important that you note whether …


Seven Useful Tips to Buy a New or Used Car

Owning a car is a necessity today. Cars assist us in getting from one point to the other place comfortably and within a shorter duration. Today, most people prefer driving their cars instead of using unreliable public transport systems. When shopping for a vehicle, you will realize that the market is flooded with different types of cars. Buy the one that you desire and fancy. Here are a few useful tips that will help you to buy a used or new car.



What you want to use the car for will determine which model or make you will select. If you need to work with the vehicle, you should ensure that it is suitable for your job. A car with lots of space is strongly recommended for family use. A four-wheel vehicle is ideal for rough terrains. Go for luxurious vehicles if you are after class and luxury. Some vehicles are also suitable for family use and running errands.



Hunt for a car brand that you love or identify with since you will come across a different brand of vehicles in the market. If you like a brand that is not that common, it’s worth noting that finding specialists to work on it or spare parts to replace might be an uphill task. You can reconsider your options and get an automobile from popular car manufacturers.


You can only purchase an auto that you can afford. Besides, you should find out whether you will be able to maintain the vehicle when budgeting put these two things in mind. Otherwise, you will overspend when purchasing the car and during maintenance. Additionally, when budgeting, you should also contemplate the insurance rate as well as all loan rate if you are planning to get a car loan.


Test Drive

Before settling on any vehicle, you should take it for a test drive and push it to the limits. You will have a feeling of the vehicle. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to try out the different features of the vehicle and confirm whether you like them or not.


Resale Value

Whenever you are purchasing a vehicle, you should consider how much it will cost if you decide to sell it a few years later. If you don’t intend to own the car for a long time, you should purchase one with high resale value.



All cars are not the same. Vehicles come with varying specifications. You can learn more about the specifications of the auto you are interested in online. Some of the specifications you should consider are whether the car has an automatic or manual transmission, engine size, and much more. Apart from checking for the specifications online, you can request the salesperson to shed more light on them.


Condition of Car

You can request a mechanic to inspect the vehicle to discover more about its condition. Ensure that you check the condition of the vehicle during the day. It …